Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's POTTY time....

Well that doesn't quite have the same ring as.....its PARTY time does it???
Since Colby is the third child....and the last.....I have been VERY nonchalant about many things. One being potty training. I have just been going with the flow and letting him do it when he was ready!! I think he is ready!! and this excited me more than I thought it was going to, do not get me wrong I still cried when I heard that SWEET LITTLE TINKLE in the toilet!
Now that he knows he isn't gonna die if he wears underwear, and knows that he can sit on the toilet and not die...and not fall in, I am a lil more pro-active!
OK so this pic isn't from yesterday......its from the FIRST time we TRIED to go.....but its ok...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Got A CAT!!!

OK we did that about a month ago.....and most of the time I like her!!! I like her best when she is sleeping...LOL!!! We named her RUBY JANE

Well what I was not expecting was RUBY loving COLBY. She takes so much abuse from him and she is always quite concerned when he is crying (from being in trouble). She waits by his door til he can come out of his room!!!

Today Colby is sick, and Ms. Ruby has not left his side! Earlier they were napping on the floor, and because Ruby is a bit of a cuddler she was snuggled up with Colby. Well Colby rolled over ONTO her.....and she did not care.....she did not budge, until I took this pic!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Funny Colby

I have been wanting to share this story and I think I must before I forget it....of course it is probably an only funny to mama story but.....whatever!

So Colby is getting the age where he is talking and trying to hold a conversations and trying to show everyone he understands!!

Colby Sneezed....
I hadn't said "Bless You" yet....
he says, "Mama, I just Blessed You!"

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Picture

Well here it is the Christmas picture for 2008!!! If I do say so....I did not have to cry or yell to get my kids to cooperate this year!!! This pictures means so much more than last year, since no one had to nearly die in order to get Christmas cards out this year!!! AND to make it better, this is technically the first picture of all of them together.....makes me all gitty inside!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


As I sit here trying to get motivated to get some homework done.

The BIG kids are with their Step-mom

Colby is watching Curious George

I am really only surfing the net.....

Colby comes running in....

Hey MOM (I wish he would say MAMA still)

I want a PITA PITA



I am confused....

So he grabbed my hand and led the way to the kitchen.....

he wants.... A PIECE OF PIZZA...

I am still giggly.....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Forcing Myself

I decided last night that it was time for me to "figure out" why I dislike Winter so much....I know that I do not HATE it...After finding out all my reasons why I do not enjoy Winter.... I made myself find the things I do love about Winter:

1. I LOVE when Wiser Lake is frozen and snow capped!!!
2. Love Mt. Baker Sunrises, makes driving on ICY Hannegan more pleasurable.
3. FRONT STREET....Cutzi's pic will tell that story.....so storybook!!!
4. Bundled up babies that can barely walk in snowsuits.

Yep that was it.... BUT

I think if I had Winter clothing I would enjoy it much more!!!
It's a pictureless post....DEAL.....or go check out Cutzi's Front St picture...maybe I will steal it!!! -----
YEP stole it....hope she doesn't care!!