Monday, February 4, 2008

Forcing Myself

I decided last night that it was time for me to "figure out" why I dislike Winter so much....I know that I do not HATE it...After finding out all my reasons why I do not enjoy Winter.... I made myself find the things I do love about Winter:

1. I LOVE when Wiser Lake is frozen and snow capped!!!
2. Love Mt. Baker Sunrises, makes driving on ICY Hannegan more pleasurable.
3. FRONT STREET....Cutzi's pic will tell that storybook!!!
4. Bundled up babies that can barely walk in snowsuits.

Yep that was it.... BUT

I think if I had Winter clothing I would enjoy it much more!!!
It's a pictureless post....DEAL.....or go check out Cutzi's Front St picture...maybe I will steal it!!! -----
YEP stole it....hope she doesn't care!!


Jessica Stier said...

This is a great photo!

Snow clothes have completely changed my perception of Winter/Snow. I always thought it was beautiful, but I hated getting so cold. This year (for the first time in my entire life) I have snow pants and all the accoutrements. It has completely changed Winter for me. Suddenly it's way fun to play in the snow. I love it!!!

**Tia** said...

Matt and I were talking about Lynden last night. The things we miss most about living there and made me remember this post.......this is the biggest reason I miss Lynden.....we lived on Front Street for 3 years and it was literally the only time I ever enjoyed the snow. It was not like it is here in B'town.