Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Lately I have been a bit on the overly motivated side. I always feel so accompished when the majority of my life is in order:

Bills are paid

Homework is Done

House is Clean

I always feel so much stress lifted if I can get these 3 things off my mind.

I wonder why

Friday, January 25, 2008

Beginning of the End

Today it hit me that Colby REALLY is growing up and isn't always going to be a baby. For most people this is obvious, but to a mother speaking of her last child it is a HARSH reality.

Lately, I would say in the last 2 weeks or so Colby has been daily coming up with new words. Coming up with new attitudes, new uses for his eyebrows, new words being used in correct fashions, and most importantly a new name to call his mommy.

I am no longer mommy, I am now MA......WHAT??? How is he old enough to be trying to call me mom...and worse calling me mom when he is clearly angry with my actions of trying to do routine daily activities, which are all now signs that he too has an opinion!!

This is SO DEPRESSING......I want my baby back. I would much rather have the baby days back then realize he is just one of the kids, who is growing up. I want my delusional reality back, my life when sitting in my chair rocking my baby to sleep, because we are up yet again. Being sleep deprived is sounding much more appealing than the road ahead.

I am sure these thoughts are supposed to go through your head BEFORE deciding to have another child. I must say that the natural high you get, when you are craving new life, is a strong high!!!! It blinds you of the reality of the next 18 years~~~

As we approach Colby's 2nd Birthday, Mom will slowly let go, and join the rest of the mommies who too had to let go of their Mommy names and watch their young children grow into beautiful little humans. Well that is if I can get him to quit shooting me, aside from that I am positive he will grown into a wonderful man.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Peyton Journey

My Peyton is almost 9 now, 3 weeks from today to be exact!!!
Some of you know of my journey with my oldest son Peyton. He has had quite an eventful life filled with many struggles and alot of frustration and many tears.

He has come a long way when it comes to his ability to learn and interact with other children. Since Peyton was 4 years old he has had an IEP, and Individualized Education Plan. He was recognized for needing extra help in speech as well as his social skills.

As of today, he no longer qualifies and will be graduating from speech class.

I have waited for this day since he was about 2.
Peyton is a sweet boy and I am excited for him. He is growing up to be quite the little gentleman.
Love you Pey!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bloggin Hiatus...

It is time for me to return to "trying" to be a faithful blogger....We will see how that goes!